Extreme Backyard Designs is your leading BBQ Island Builder in Yucaipa, Ca. We have designed and built custom BBQ Island, Fireplaces, Fire Tables, and more throughout Upland and surrounding areas. Our custom designs are unique and designed with the high quality products and accessories. When designing your bbq island the most important information is what size grill you are looking for. We carry Propane Gas Grills & Natural Gas Grills which are complete designed with 304 Stainless steel.

Our huge BBQ Island Showroom is fully stocked with over 25 BBQ Islands on the floor completely stock with Outdoor Appliances including; Grills, Doors, Drawers, Warming Drawers, Sinks, Side Burners, Teppan, Cocktail Centers, Built in Ice Chests and Much More. We believe in seeing and touching the product before you have it delivered. When looking at a photo you really do not know what your going to get or if it will last. All our products are on display and we are built on the foundation to have no pressure sales. Please feel free to come in and shop with out being bombarded. We are here to help, but when you are ready. Contact Us today to get your Yucaipa BBQ Island Built.

Our 10,000 Square Foot Showroom

How our BBQ Islands in Yucaipa are Built:

Superior Framing:

Your Extreme Backyard Designs Island won’t bend or flex – this keeps the exterior from cracking & allows you to move your island from house to house. Extreme Backyard Designs far exceeds industry standards in the framing of our islands – the bases and counter tops are both framed on a minimum of 8” on center(the usual spacing is 16” or more)

Floated Tops and Fiber-Meshed Seams:

That’s the fancy way to say your tile counters will be flat & smooth and your island won’t come apart at the corners.

Designer Bases:

Choose the options to give you the look you want – multiple color’s & icon’s(Diamonds, Palm Trees, Paradise Scene, or Shadow Boxes)

Complete Pre-Wired Electrical System:

Plug your island in right after delivery and start enjoying it right away. Extreme Backyard Designs is the only company in the industry to offer this. Everyone else just sticks junction boxes to the frame – your have to do extra work or hire an electrician before enjoying your first outdoor meal.

Quadra-Trex Flooring System:

Your Extreme Backyard Island is kept above standing rainwater by high-technology Trex Synthetic Wood.. This helps eliminate exterior chipping & frame rust. Bonus! The floor is sealed with a four layer process that helps keep moisture & insects out of your island. The Trex Wood base won’t break down or deteriorate.

Bullnosed Tile:

Extreme Backyard Designs offers water jet bull nosing on all granite & marble counter tops.


Protects like solid rock and flexes so it won’t crack. Extreme Backyard Designs offers a superior finish to standard acrylic on the exterior base of your island. Ameristone is a rock solid, beautiful, and proves low maintenance & durability.

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